Riverfront Fine Arts Festival (Sept 7-8)

Thank you!

...To the Northfield Arts Guild volunteers and staff for making this event a success.  

...To all of you who stopped by, and told me what you liked about my work

...To those who found something they liked enough to buy 

Looking Forward

Next up for me is the Studio ARTour, 2019.  I will again offer one-of-a-kind greeting cards, wall art, and hand-made books and boxes.


Studio ARTour 2019

Another Great ARTour weekend is now past.  THANK YOU!!! to all who came on the tour to see the studios and meet the artists.  THANK YOU to those who purchased my work.  And, SPECIAL THANKS to Judy and Tom Saye-Willis for hosting me in their Artists' Haven. 

Stay tuned for the ARTour, 2020!