Artistic Photography

As seen through my lens


Two young girls watch teens using boogie boards in the ocean.

My Approach

I have been exploring the world with a camera most of my life. Photographs can freeze a moment, express a feeling, or tell a story.  I find intriguing images everywhere.  Recently I have been creating artist books and one-of-a-kind boxes with my photos.

Dew droplets on a web

Beauty Around Us

Wherever I am I often take image-gathering walks.  A regular route is the pond near my home, which changes throughout the year. The picture to the right was taken on a foggy day when hundreds of spider webs were jewel-like with dew

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Three boxes hand built with my images

Sharing My Work

Any of the images on this website are available in greeting cards, or framed prints of any size.  The books and boxes are one-of-a-kind creations.  My work is sold in shops in the Northfield, MN area, or online by contacting me through this website.

see some of the books & boxes

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